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Minnesota Golden Gopher Basketball vs. Indiana Hoosiers - The "Full Animal Emo" Q&A

Questions, answers, animals. Everything you need.

Just look at that smile.  Admit it, you hate him too.
Just look at that smile. Admit it, you hate him too.

Time for a confession. This is not a real Q&A. I didn't have the heart to talk with the guys from The Crimson Quarry about this game and ask them real questions. So I've decided to go MGoEmo and ask myself questions and answer them with a mix of sadness and cute animals. I mean, did you really need the Indiana bloggers to tell you that their team is good?


The Daily Gopher: Describe to me your feelings about how things have gone since the last Indiana game.

Me: Well self, things have been just swell. We're 3-8 and have gone from a Top Ten ranking to having to wonder if we'll make the tournament. I tell you, I can't imagine a better way to spend most of January and February. What a swell time I've been having, thanks for asking! (/whispered mutterings)

TDG: HEY! I heard that!


TDG: What worries you most about tonight's game?

Me: The fact that there is a game.


The Daily Gopher: Obviously this season has been a disappointment. What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

Me: You're a real bundle of joy you know that? (ED NOTE: Touchy touchy!) I expect that we'll squeak our way into the NCAA tournament, maybe manage to win 1 game (though I doubt it), and Tubby will not be fired. The STrib commenters will call for Teague's head, Gopher Hole will explode in rage, and I'll spend a lot of time doing this.




TDG: What do you see as the keys to tonight's game? How can the Gophers win?

Me: I could run through the same spiel I've done like a dozen times now but I think it's actually easier to sum it up like this: Be more like the ninja cat.


TDG: Prediction for tonight?

Me: /cough I HATE YOU! /cough.

TDG: What was that?

Me: Nothing. Just a cough. My prediction?


Well then. I'd like to tell myself to go DIATF. As always be sure to stop back for the OPEN THREAD tonight. Please feel free to bring cute kitten images to share with the rest of the class.