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Golden Nugz - 03.01.13

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

How about a little in-house, TDG news (bragging). Now that the calendar has officially moved to March I can announce that February had the highest traffic numbers in TDG history. The previous record was November of 2010 when Tim Brewster was fired and you all (y'all for our large Texas contingent) flocked to TDG to talk about it. There have been a few months recently where we flirted with breaking the 11/2010 record but we finally broke through in February.

Part of what makes February unique is that there are only 28 days. In total we only beat the old record by 1.7%, but when you look at a daily average we smashed it by 8.3%. I am attributing the big month to three things.

  1. National Signing Day - always a huge traffic day or three.
  2. The Gophers being terrible - people love to complain (it is how the Star Tribune makes a living)
  3. Quality AND Quantity of content - the additions of Matt and GoAUpher have dramatically helped to increase both. I really like our staff of 5 and those guys, as much as anything else, help to keep people coming back.

I am a traffic junkie and watch our numbers like a hawk, the only thing that gets me more excited is community interaction...comments from you guys. This is where things come full-circle because as much as I appreciate the other writers here, it is all about you guys. It wasn't very long ago that even the best TDG post would generate anywhere from 20-50 comments. The mendoza line around her was 10 comments, if an author fell short we would make fun of each other. But NOW? Now we are regularly getting 100+ comments on posts that are not open threads. THIS is what makes TDG so much fun and I appreciate you guys coming here to be your on-line water cooler.

Let's throw out some numbers. SB Nation at the end of 2012 sent me the top commenters for the year.

Most Comments 2012
amiller92 2113
GoAUpher 1644
Erik T 906
GopherNation 845
jimipig 752
Sportsavenue 659
rencito 618
Gophermike 514
mnbrewer 321
Texas Gopher 316

Congrats to amiller92 for dominating the comments in 2012. I'm sure he is pushing the lead for 2013 so far along with myself, GoAUpher and DACgold. The rest of you need to pick up the pace!

On to some actual Gopher news.