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Golden Nugz - 03.12.13


Let's start with Big Ten basketball postseason awards...

The Big Ten coaches believed that Trevor Mbakwe was 3rd Team All-Big Ten worthy with Andre Hollins getting honorable mention.

The Big Ten media was much kinder to the Gophers. Mbakwe was 2nd Team All-Big Ten and Andre Hollins was a 3rd Team selection.

The SBN contingent of B1G bloggers was kinder still. Mbakwe was 1st team and Dre was 3rd team but just a point away from 2nd team honors.

For the most part this was a simple one. Zeller, Burke, Oladipo, and Thomas were unanimous selections for the First Team across all 16 ballots. Mbakwe gets the fifth spot, but it was fiercely contested between him and three of those that were on the second team.

Clearly the B1G bloggers have a firmer grasp on the game of basketball than the Big Ten coaches or media.

  • Amelia briefly talks about Mbakwe and Hollins getting Big Ten awards.
  • Amelia also talks about Tubby and the team getting ready for the Big Ten Tourney.

    After enduring season-ending injuries to Mbakwe last year and Al Nolen the year before that, Smith is entering tournament time with one of his physically healthiest teams. But the scrapes, bruises and tweaks are not what the coach is concerned about with this particular version.

    "We’re OK physically," he said. "Mentally is where we’re hurting, where we’ve got to do a lot of work, a lot of healing."

    If the team can take steps in that regard, they could make a run, Smith said.

    "I know we’re capable of stepping up and raising our level of play," he said. "We have talent on our tam and we need to have those guys step up and really have that presence. … With Rodney and Trevor, two seniors that have a lot to play for. I would expect them to step up and have a great tournament.

  • ESPN's Paul Biancardi lists the Gophers as one of the dangerous conference tourney teams who could make a run through their respective tourney. On one hand, this team really is capable of playing well and beating anybody in the country. On the other hand, have you seen them play lately?
  • GO HERE for anything you want to read about the Big Ten Tournament.
  • Mike Max sits down with Tyus Jones, in here Jones also eliminates North Carolina from his list (video of interview is at the bottom of the post). This elimination isn't a huge surprise as the Tar Heels have a point guard commitment already.
  • Some injury updates and those missing Spring Practice in Joe Chritiansen's notes.
  • Not sure if you heard or not but the Vikings have likely traded Percy Harvin. The Daily Norseman has been covering the situation (and likely free agency today) like a blanket. CHECK THEM EARLY AND OFTEN TODAY.
  • I also really liked this Kevin Seifert post on the trade. Basically the only thing that makes sense (he means other than the Viking's front office making a boneheaded move) is that what we know about Percy's issues is just the tip of the iceberg.