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Big Ten Hockey - Tournament And Trophy Details Emerge

Goodbye WCHA, MacNaughton Cup, Broadmoor Trophy, and Final Five. Hello Big Ten, nameless conference title trophy, nameless and imageless conference tourney trophy, and B1G Ice Hockey Tournament.

Big Ten

Erik T? You around? This is the part where you should probably go to your happy place man.

The Big Ten has just released details on the conference hockey tournament for next season. The high points:

  • The inaugural 2014 Big Ten Men's Ice Hockey Tournament will be held Thursday – Saturday, March 20 – 22, 2014.
  • The tournament will feature all 6 B1G teams in a single-elimination format. The tournament will consist of five games (two games on Thursday, March 20; two games on Friday, March 21; championship game on Saturday, March 22). Essentially, it's the Final Five format only all 6 teams are automatically in because...well...there's only 6 of them.
  • Tickets will go on sale at 10 a.m. CT on Monday, March 25. All-Session Ticket Packages include one ticket to each of the five games of the tournament.
  • Prices for All-Session Ticket Packages are: $130 per package - Lower Level; $80 per package - Upper Level; $160 per package - RBC Wealth Management Club Level
  • Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster blah blah blah. All the rest of the fun press release stuff can be found here.

Essentially nothing and everything has changed about the conference tournament the Gophers play in. Embrace the B1Gcitement!

You might be asking "What about trophies?" Well, there is news on that front as well. The B1G has released an image of what the new regular season title trophy looks like and its...definitely not the MacNaughton:


I'll be honest, I'm not a big fan. It reminds me of the lead bad guy's spaceship (the one with the statues of his head at the top) from Chronicles of Riddick, that Vin Diesel movie where he fights that race of undead beings (my review? Meh. Also, how did they get Judy Dench to agree to be in that movie?). That said, I prefer that they attempt a "modern" look for a new trophy rather than try to be classic like the MacNaughton and come off looking like a cheap knockoff.

To my knowledge that have not revealed an image for what the conference tourney trophy will look like. I'd assume it will also have a modern vibe. At this time no name combinations have been assigned. If any of the combos don't include Herb Brooks I think we should riot.

So, thoughts on the tourney and trophy?


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