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Golden Nugz 03.26.13 - Something about Tubby Smith Getting Fired


So there was some news yesterday. Before we get to the Tubby Smith stuff, let's cover some other significant events unfolding at the U.

Women's Hockey

This team went 41-0 and won their 2nd national championship in a row. That is impressive and it should be a big deal. Unfortuantely they were overshadowed by Gopher basketball in Round 2 of the NCAA Tournament (I refuse to acknowledge the play-in games as their own round) and then the Tubby firing.

GoAUpher was covering the women's Frozen Four like a blanket this weekend and you should go back to read his stuff. It was all kind of quickly buried by the Florida game and then yesterday's events.

Gopher Football

Opening press conference for Spring Practice was yesterday. Unfortunately the press conference started within 90 minutes of the Tubby story breaking.

Gopher Basketball

Moving on to Gopher hoops and the Tubby Smith firing. There are so many links from all over the web. The gist of the national media is summed up by Michael Wilbon on PTI who said "Who does Minnesota think they are?" Apparently he was on board with Northwestern firing Bill Carmody but Wilbon may not realize is that over the past 5 seasons Tubby Smith has exactly 4 more wins than Carmody. 34-56 for Northwestern over the last five seasons, 38-52 for Smith. If you throw out this season, one in which Northwestern suffered massive injuries, they have the same Big Ten record over a 4-year stretch. I'm cherry-picking seasons now but the point is, Tubby Smith was only marginally more successful than Bill Carmody and if you want to talk about challenging places to win then Northwestern is unquestionably more challenging than Minnesota. #rant