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The Daily Gopher Event - WCHA Final Five Meet Up @ The Bulldog Lowertown

Let's get together, enjoy some beverages, and watch the NCAA tourney and the WCHA Final Five!

Ask and ye shall receive! We're going to try and organize a TDG Meetup during the WCHA Final Five and opening weekend of The Big Dance. Let's start with the info you care about...

Important Details:

When: Saturday, March 23rd; starting @ 2:00pm

Where: The Bulldog - Lowertown

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237 East Sixth Street
St. Paul, MN 55101

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Other Info:

- This is the day of the WCHA Final Five finals. The finals themselves are at 7pm. There is also a Wild game at 1pm. My thought was that kicking off the meetup at 2pm would allow us to get tables between the Wild pregame rush and the Wild postgame/WCHA pregame rushes.

- The Bulldog is close enough to the X so that anyone with tickets to the WCHA Finals can make it without trouble (they should be running a shuttle to and from the X) but far enough so that there should be a lull where we can snag tables.

- If you aren't familiar, the Bulldog has plenty of good beer on tap. No idea about it's bourbon selection, but proximity to the X needed to trump bourbon in this case. Sorry.

- Please RSVP in the comments. If you're currently tentative on attending, just say so. I'll run another post right before the meet up to double check numbers/deliver final details.

Everyone who can should definitely come out. The NCAA tourney is going on that weekend too so you know you're just going to be watching TV and drinking beer anyway. Why not do it with other folks from TDG?