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NOT REAL - The Goldy Gopher Named New Head Basketball Coach APRIL FOOLS OPEN THREAD

The end of last week was something and your fearless blog staff is getting royally worked over by the real world right now. So here's an open thread.


It's April Fools Day you see. Which means funny people are writing funny fake stories. I could do that, but then people might start contacting the University to see if they are actually closing down the football program (again, quality work there Jeffrick).

So consider this an open thread to talk about whatever (normal rules apply, don't be jerks to each other, no politics/religion/etc). Maybe link to the funniest April Fools Day stories you saw or something. Or keep talking about teh Coaching Search and BURNITALLDOWN on hockey. Those are still good too.

Also, I'd kindly ask that jimi not follow this OPEN THREAD too closely lest it collapse in heartbreaking fashion. ;o)

Happy Monday all!