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The Daily Gopher Hits 2,000,000

This was actually a couple weeks ago but something happened with our coaching situation and kind of haven't been able to get back to this. But...

The Daily Gopher crossed over 2,000,000 unique hits last month.

I was pretty excited about this (then those snobs at Daily Norseman hit 11,000,000...OH GOOD FOR THEM)! Just kidding, those guys are an outstanding blog and comparing TDG to DN is ridiculously futile. Anyway, March was a record breaking month. It smashed our previous top month, which was November 2010 when Brewster was fired. March 2013 destroyed that month and it did so even before we moved into a basketball coaching vacancy.

We started back in August of 2008 and it took us just under 3 years to hit 1,000,000. The next million came in under 2 years.

I am sort of a hits junkie and seeing us cross 2,000,000 was pretty exciting and a nice milestone. But in reality what makes this blog so much fun is the community and the interactions in the comment section. SBN has given us ton of tools, I think we have some pretty good writers but what really matters is the community that is building. There once was a time when getting 10 comments on a post was the gold standard of a "good post." This past month we have been hitting 200 or 300 often. That is the fun part, thanks to you guys.

Stick around, there is a lot of stuff to talk about.