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Mid-Week Quick Hits

Your humble blogging team here at TDG is buried by work and travel this week. Here are three talkers to get you going on a wintery Wednesday morning


  • Jamel Harbison is back to full-contact during spring practices and is ready to emerge as a weapon on the Gopher offense. Harbison was expected to be a top producer last season before his injury during 2012's opening game against UNLV. What are your expectations/hopes for Harbison in 2013?
  • There's been some early talk as Coach Pitino begins to assemble his coaching staff. One of the bigger questions, since Minnesotans are always so interested in the provincial angle, is how much attention Pitino should pay to hiring somebody local for his staff. Is hiring somebody local (example: Dave Thorson, current head coach at DeLaSalle High School) important for Pitino in the long term, or would it just be a short-sighted attempt to land "the big 3" recruits in the 2014 class?
  • Jerry Kill and Richard Pitino have not met yet, but expect to this week. How important is it (for you as a fan and also for an Athletic Director like Norwood Teague) for the head coaches of the high profile revenue sports at a major university to have a relationship?