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Golden Nugz - 04.15.13, assistant coaches, Flip Saunders and Gopher baseball

Coach John Anderson with this 500th Big Ten win!
Coach John Anderson with this 500th Big Ten win!
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Happy Tax Day!

  • Ben Johnson has reportedly been hired to Pitino's staff. I believe that one spot still remains, but I like this local hire a lot. Take that Nebraska!
  • Chip Scoggins examines the fragile relationship between T. Denny Sanford and the U after a proposed takeover of Fairview Health Services broke down abruptly.
  • So was Flip offered the job or not offered the job? According to Flip he was offered the job but he turned it down. The interesting piece to this saga is that Flip claims that the hiring of his son was not an issue and in fact Teague was OK that part of the plan. Where it all broke down? He wouldn't exactly say.
  • Gopher Hockey fans may have been more than a little ticked that they lost to Yale in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. But it turns out they were facing a team just heating up at the right time. They marched through the rest of the tournament and won it all with a 4-0 win over Quinnipiac.
  • Gopher baseball swept Northwestern over the weekend and the Sunday win was Coach Anderson's 500th Big Ten win! Their 7-2 Big Ten record has them tied for 1st place with Michigan (who we took two out of three from already).
  • Gopher Football had a scrimmage on Friday. Here are Christensen's notes from the game.