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Hey Everyone! Come See How Cool This Is!

Ron Burgundy loves scotch and the ability to edit his comments at The Daily Gopher.
Ron Burgundy loves scotch and the ability to edit his comments at The Daily Gopher.
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Ron Burgundy needs all of you to stop what you're doing and listen. Why? Because this story is one of the more remarkable things ever to happen to The Daily Gopher or even the world. Also, he'd like you to come and see how good he looks.


Now you might be saying to yourself "GREAT ODIN'S RAVEN! CAN THIS BE TRUE?" Friends, I'm here to tell you that it is true. I have seen the future and it is glorious. It is a world where you have a 90 second window after you post a comment where you can updated and edit to your hearts content. No more immediate follow up comments to correct grammatical or spelling errors. No more feeling like a fool for using your instead of you're.

But don't take it from me. Let's see what SB Nation's Blog Huddle has to say about this momentous day in the history of the network:

Last month, we released a new set of commenting code on SB Nation. At the time, there were very few changes to the functionality within comments; we were just using a new type of javascript to power the comments to help performance. This upgrade in javascript also set us up to more easily change and upgrade the commenting system moving forward. The first of those upgrades is here and it is exciting: comments on SB Nation will now be editable.

Once this update is released later this week, when you post a comment you will then have 90 seconds to edit that comment. You'll see a countdown timer and a progress bar that scrolls from right to left indicating how much time you have left on the edit. Editing the comment does not reset the timer, but you can edit multiple times in the 90 second window. This behavior has been live on both of Vox Media's other verticals, The Verge and Polygon for the past few months and it's been very successful and users have embraced it.

But that's not all! Are you a person who doesn't like having to read through comment threads that you don't care about? Well sir or madam, SB Nation has an invention that will revolutionize your life*, put hair back on your head**, and will make you look years younger!***

In addition to adding comment editing, this release would also enable a new system for collapsing comments. Collapsing a top level comment collapses all of its replies (something that is currently happening now), but the collapsed replies will no longer be shown as titles only. They will now be completely hidden beneath the parent comment (which will show as collapsed comments do today). This allows users to hide sub-threads they're not interested in and skip further down the page without scrolling. Additionally, comments will no longer need titles to be collapsed. Any comment can be collapsed. This cuts down on folks having trouble collapsing large images or GIFs because the poster forgot a title. Users will also have the option to set how they want comments to load by default.

Now I can see some of you out there in internet land shaking your heads and saying "but I prefer to use mobile devices and none of the cool features are ever available on mobile platforms." As my close personal friend Lee Corso is fond of saying, not so fast my friend!

Both of these new functions will work on mobile as well when we go live. In addition to the previously released mobile touch controls for comment navigation, this makes mobile functionality really robust on SB Nation.

So there you have it. I see a bright future for us all. You stay classy Daily Gopher!

* Accuracy of this statement depends on what you consider to be a revolutionary in your life.

** Does not actually affect hair growth.

*** If you start looking like you've had botox it is because you've had botox. SB Nation commenting changes will not actually affect your appearance.