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Golden Nugz - 4.24.13 - Spring Game Comin'

Happy Wednesday!

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Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE


- I CAN HAZ BOOZE AT THE SPRING GAME? You can buy beer at the Spring Game. Also, there will be an alumni flag football game before the Spring Game. Ricky Foggie will be playing. You'll want to be there.

- The Gophers secondary should be improved this year.

- Thieren Cockran is looking to make a statement this season.

- Lincoln Plsek is dealing with a lot in the wake of the horrible explosion last week in his home town of West, Texas.

- Eric Decker will have a reality show.


- Daquein McNeil signed his LOI and is officially a Gopher.

- Amelia interviews Daquein. His relationship with Pitino is essentially the sole reason for choosing both FIU and Minnesota.

- Daquein also praises Andre Hollins.

- Coach Pitino is an advanced stat-head. Me likey.


- The incoming Gopher recruits have talent and speed. Size? Well, maybe not so much size.

Women's Hockey

- Amanda Kessel has the world in the palm of her hand.

Gophers Softball

- Even the softball team has a BA hype video this year.

General Gophers

- Norwood Teague is leading a statewide caravan of coaches called Chalk Talk 2013. Check it out to see when and where you can catch it.


- Troll on Ohio State. Troll on.

- Michigan fans pay the trolling forward to Michigan State.

- Illinois is playing Washington at Soldier Field this season.


- A fantastic post comparing all the ACC schools to one of the main Houses from Game of Thrones. My fave? Miami as House Stark. "Sanctions are Coming."

- The CFB fan's guide to weddings during CFB season. If you are someone who plans a wedding in the fall, you are a horrible person in the eyes of your CFB loving friends. Sorry, but it's true.

- Lane Kiffin still sucks.

- The College Football Playoff will be called College Football Playoff.


- Who has new unis in CFB this year? So far I've seen Southern Miss, WVU, UConn, FAU. The worst? UConns, without a doubt.

- The Jacksonville Jaguars are getting new unis. Also thanks to them, we already know what the Vikings new uniforms will look like.



- Speaking of new uniforms, BHGP leaked Iowa's new basketball duds. (A guy at rant sports actually wrote a post that treated this as a real story BTW. Gotta love the internet.)




- SEC fans and their tattoos man...



- Duke track meets Backstreet Boys.

- Luis Suarez's biting incident leads to a bunch of great British tabloid headlines. The silliness and inventiveness of the British tabloids when it comes to headlines is something that you immediately notice if you spend any time in the UK. The New York Post is run by amateurs by comparison.

- Let's all point and laugh at Mark May.

- You don't want to be late to this NYU professor's class.

- Best ballplayer reaction to a heckler ever?

- This is the letter you get from the neighbors after you get drunk, pee on their couch, and run around their house while wearing your shirt as a cape.

- A pair of economic arguments about why House Lannister is not as wealthy as House Tyrell.