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The Daily Gopher NCAA Tournament Bracket Competition Results

Little known fact...Ustreet also has the right to adopt "One Shining Moment" as a personal theme song. That's right Ustreet, you can walk down the street carrying a boombox playing "One Shining Moment" on repeat. And when someone tells you to turn it down, you can pull up this post on your phone, show it to them, and then turn up the volume. You're welcome.

Kevin C. Cox

Congratulations Ustreet! Your prescient bracket selections have earned you a Bracket Pick 'Em victory and the title of "TDG Bracket Overlord" for the coming year. Use your powers* wisely.

Some notes about Ustreets awesomeness so that you may all bask in the glory of our Beloved Overlord's victory for a while longer. Ustreet did the following on the road to victory:

- Correctly selected 44 of 63 matchups

- Correctly predicted a Michigan/Louisville final

- Won by 10 points over the nearest competitor

We also have a GIF (scroll over image to view) of how we imagine Ustreet may celebrate tonight...


Hopefully Ustreet is more prepared for any celebratory explosions set off at home than Rick Pitino would be.

Interested in the full TDG Pick 'Em Standings? Go here.


* There are no powers. Besides bragging that is. Ustreet can choose to do a lot of bragging.