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Minnesota Gopher Basketball - Joe Coleman to Transfer?

Rumors broke out this evening that Gopher hooptyballer Joe Coleman was looking to transfer (and may have already asked for his release).

Joe Robbins

So I'm minding my own business watching The Voice with Mrs. GoAUpher (I will banhammer anyone who questions my decisions in this regard) when my comfortable was interrupted by breaking rumors on Twitter...

Well then. Cryptic enough but not totally out of the blue (see the comments section of yesterday's Nugz). But who could it be?

Ok, so Doogie wants to be all journalistic on this. That's cool. But seriously though, these commercials between contestants being saved are killing me. Can't you give me a little more?

Now we're getting somewhere. But seriously, let's wrap this up Doogie. If this is all a fake out and you tell me that Andre is transferring at the same time America foolishly allows Garrett to get voted off I'm gonna be really pissed.

So, it's Joe then. If this all proves true, I for one will be very disappointed that he's leaving. First, because that means he's going to be super awesome somewhere else because why not and second, because replacing his production won't be as easy as some people think.

Mostly, I'm interested in trying to find out if this was a Joe initiated move, a RP initiated move, or a mutual thing. Yes, we probably won't know the answer to this and it doesn't really matter at the end of that day. Still, I'd like to know.

Some jerk out there on Twitter is already asking who we should blame for this if it turns out to be accurate...

What a Gopher hating moron this guy is. What kind of fool would bother to engage such idiocy?


So what do you think of this news (that is still only a rumor, albeit a smoking one)?