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Ra'Shede Hageman till Gopher Football 2013


99 days till the season kicks off and what better way to celebrate 99 days than to honor the #2 biggest freak in college football. Jeffrick looked at Hageman's distinguished freakiness yesterday. And Marcus Fuller went into depth listing Hageman's freakish abilities. Here is what we know about the man, the myth, the freak, the eventual legend.

  • Standing at 6'6" and weighing 315 he has a 36 inch verticle!
  • He can still do a 360 dunk!
  • He can pick oranges from an apple tree and make some really tasty lemonade.
  • His bench press is at 465 lbs!
  • Ra'Shede Hageman can cut a knife with hot butter.
  • He has a higher verticle and faster 10-yd dash time than any of the DTs in this past NFL Combine.
  • Hageman's tears actually cure cancer, it is too bad he has never cried.

The expectations are rising for Hageman in his senior season. He started living up to his potential at times last year with career highs in sacks, TFLs and; well everything. The guy is a superior athlete, even in the big and rugged Big Ten. I think we are all very excited to see him play with more consistency and be a guy that Big Ten offenses have to account for on every play.

Only 99 days till Gopher football!