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What's In A (Screen) Name?

What's that? You say this is a blatant ripoff of something The Daily Norseman did last week? Well they got it from someone else so...well...I guess the moral of the story is good ideas get reused and that you should definitely share your screen name story below.

Hello there fearless TDG reader! I hope you had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. Mine was good, thanks for asking. It was filled with relaxation and bourbon, as I got a chance to enjoy some bourbons off my "gotta try" list like the George T. Stagg barrel strength from the BTAC. (Verdict? Delicious bourbon with a wallop that is better with a bit of water)

I could go on about bourbon for a while, but I'll save that for another time. Instead, I'd like to talk screen names. The Daily Norseman ran a post last week asking it's community members to explain how their screen name came to be. Thinking this was an excellent idea, feeling a lack of creativity coming on, and knowing not all of you spend time at TDN I decided to run the question here at TDG.

I'd love to pretend that GoAUpher has a great story but in reality it's pretty mundane. GoAUpher = Golden Gopher. Not seeing the connection? Au is the symbol for gold. Au inside of Gopher = Gold in Gopher = Golden Gopher. I fully capitalized AU to make it stand out and the OCD perfectionist part of my brain has been regretting it ever since. But that's my online moniker and it's how folks know me so I can't go changing it now.

So, just how did you come up with your screen name? Is it your real name (everyone say hi to Matt)? Is it the name your parents call you instead of your full or given name? Did you have a website generate it for you? Is it the nickname you got back in high school? Is there a fun story behind it?

Whatever the story is (exciting, mundane, or otherwise) share it below!