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TDG Community - Birds Of A Feather...

Twitter. If you're not on it, you should be. And if you are, you should share your Twitter handle with the rest of the TDG community so we can all share awesome thoughts in 140 characters.

So, I guess this is sort of turning into an official "TDG Community" week on the blog. (NOTE TO SELF: We should probably hold an official TDG Community Week at some point) In keeping with that unofficial theme, I've put together this post so that everyone who is on Twitter can share their handles. That way we can all benefit from the hilarious things you tweet (and all of you know which handle you need to block if you want to keep me away from said hilarity). And before anyone calls this a shameless attempt at grabbing followers I'd like you to know that A) if I wanted to do that I'd have run this post during football or basketball seasons, B) this is about the community and bringing us closer together, and C) this is a shameless attempt at grabbing followers

Also, if your Twitter handle has a story, feel free to share that too. Mine is @GoAUpher

TDG Staff On Twitter:

@GoAUpher: If you don't believe this is mine, then the profile notes about loving Zubaz should be a dead giveaway. And yes, I do look that awesome in real life.

@TheDailyGopher: This is mostly GN, though you'll see site specific stuff (and the occassional women's hockey championship live tweet event) come through here as well. In other words it's like the ESPN B1G Blog's Twitter account, only in this case everyone know's that 95% of the tweets are coming from our version of Bennett.




///prepares to lose Front Page privileges

@MVofDT: This is where Matt tells us all which tasty beer he has consumed today. Also a source for #TAKES takedowns and #situationalbourbon.

@jdmill: JD's home on the Twittersphere. Home of further bourbon thoughts, crazy talk about annexing part of Iowa, and a great profile picture.

@jeffricktdg: Internet access in Canada is spotty, so Jeffrick chooses his tweets with care lest he use up all of his monthly bandwidth. Riding a moose into the trading outpost to buy more from the general store is a pain in the ass, what with all the wolves and evil fur trappers and such.

What about you, devilishly handsome/devastatingly beautiful TDG commenter? What nom de plume do you use to share your 140 character wisdom?