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The Daily Gopher Mailbag - Calling All Questions!

The mailbag, it is back! Now with Twitter hashtag! remember when the TDG mailbag was going to be a weekly thing? Yea, about that. That's sort of my fault. But not totally. I mean, this is a story I need to be writing on Sunday nights but it's was Game of Thrones season for a while and I mean, c''s GAME OF THRONES! So it's really Joffrey Baratheon's fault. Smug evil little SOB is always killing people and getting in the way of mailbags. He just makes me so mad!


Yea, take that Joffrey you Mailbag ruiner! Anyway, I know it's been a while since the inaugural version of the mailbag so it would probably help if we covered the specifics again.

The details:

- Once a week (Monday AM) we'll toss up a Mailbag Open Thread. You, our awesome community, can ask any question of the TDG staff. Just leave the question in the comment section, send an email to GoAUpher.TDG (AT), or tweet a question to @TheDailyGopher using the hashtag #AskTDG/reply to the request for questions.

That's it. If you're going to comment, you'll need to be registered to the site. So if you're lurking here's your chance to join the online sensation that is The Daily Gopher. Registering just gives you the chance to sound spamming or email bombardments will follow your registration.

- Ask us questions, lots of questions. Ask us anything. But the more interesting or intriguing the better. Reminding me that I know nothing about anything isn't going to get much of a response other than "Well duh!" Ask us about the upcoming football season, what our favorite all time burger is, or whether Jerry Kill should regrow his mustache or not.

Most importantly, don't worry about getting off topic. Random questions are cool too and after all, it is the off-season. (NOTE: Obligatory reminder that politics, religion, personal attacks, etc are out of bounds...not that you all really cause trouble with that stuff...that's the job of JBSU fans).

- The TDG staff will divvy up the questions, preferably while drinking bourbon. For now we won't have a set breakdown of who takes what, but I wouldn't count on GN answering the hockey questions or me going in depth on our recruiting strategy. In other words, you'll probably see us answer questions that fall within our typical areas of interest/what each of us normally writes about.

- The actual TDG mailbag with our super awesome and 100% accurate answers will run on Thursdays. Now you have something to look forward to on the day before Friday. You're welcome!

That's it. No secret handshake or anything (though if someone wants to come up with one I'd be interested). So without further ado, ask away!