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The Daily Gopher Mailbag - Abreviated Answers Are The Best Kind*

*No I'm not making that up to cover my ass. Someone famous said it once. Trust me.

I swear we'll get into a good routine with this mailbag thing. At least this time the responses weren't delayed by 3 weeks or whatever! A combo of work plus my birthday being yesterday pushed this post out a bit and interfered with the group responses. Don't worry, you will survive. As a result, I'm going to keep this edition of the answers short since I'm the only one who has responses. And before anyone boos the rest of the front pagers, that's my fault not theirs. So boo me.

Before we get to the good stuff, here's your reminder on how you can submit questions for the Mailbag:

There are three ways to contact the The Daily Gopher staff with your questions. You can post them in the comments of the "Calling All Questions" post on Monday (currently the most popular option). You can tweet them at us on Twitter using the hashtag #AskTDG (please use it because then we can search on it and everything becomes easier) or you can email them to DailyGopher (at) or GoAUpher.TDG (at) If you email it to us we'll use your first name unless you request otherwise, for Twitter/comments we'll use your respective handle or moniker.

As always, you were great and gave us a lot of good questions (both fun and serious) to work with. Since I'm answering solo today, I decided to select questions that A) I'm mostly qualified to answer and B) that would make for good discussion in the comments. So when you've read my ramblings, please share how you would answer some or all of them!

"If Coach J Rob wrestled Bronko Nagurski, who would win?"

@GoAUpher via @TheDailyGopher

Oh yes, I'm answering my own question first because I'm special that's why. It's an interesting matchup. NOTE: We're assuming both men are facing off in their physical prime for the purpose of the hypothetical. Coach Robinson would have the upper hand in terms of technique and experience, while Bronko would have the edge in terms of strength and awesome name. While I think it would be a close match, I'd have to pick Bronko, who would get the pin after delivering his patented "One Hand Plow Choke Hold" finishing maneuver (if you've got a better name, put it in the comments).


Little Caesars, Dominos, Pizza Hut

Which tastes the best post-Gopher victory?

Also which company will sponsor Brady Hoke first? (My money is on LC because of the whole Michigan thing)

Fuzzy Rumpton

Easy. Little Caesars. If I'm going to buy not so great pizza I want it to be cheap and plentiful. Plus, it's B1G appropriate via the bowl tie in for one more season. If I could expand the choice to good pizza then I'd pick Glass Nickel (if in Madison) or Pizza Luce (if in the Twin Cities).

As for which company sponsors Brady first? The answer is clearly Dominos because David Brandon is not a man you mess with.

Post your favorite Badger fan reaction to Elmore becomming a Gopher.....

Cause the sphincter clenching across the border is entertaining..


I didn't really go looking, but I'll have to assume there was more than one Buckyville poster who managed to express all of these in a single entry:





Mind Blown


Not Impressed


Why do you guys rave about bourbon when Irish Whiskey is clearly superior in every single way?


Scotch would like to have a word with you about the order of your spirit rankings behind bourbon.

If Williams Arena is called "The Barn" why isn't TCF Stadium called "The Pasture?"

I hate the word "The Vault."


I'd have to agree with others that I've only heard it called The Bank, but neither is preferable. Even though it it will change nothing and will never catch on because Minnesotans hate change (even when it is for the better) I am signing on to #TeamNewMemorial.

Ok, that's it from me. If you didn't get your question answered there's a very good chance we'll bring it out in a future Mailbag edition. Or perhaps we'll keep ducking it until you kiss our asses like people do with Mandel and Rittenburg. Either or.

Sound off with your own answers below and start thinking of new things to ask us next week (when there will be an actual "us" answering...promise).