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LaMonte Edwards Kicked Off Team for Rules Violation

I believe that Michael Rand was the first to report that LaMonte Edwards is no longer a member of the team.

According to a search warrant, Edwards was arrested for stealing an iPhone from a a weight room in a Gophers athletics building on June 18. Tracking software led police to Edwards, who he first said the phone belonged to his cousin. When questioned later by U of M Police, he admitted he stole the phone from the weight room, according to the warrant.

Edwards is a Woodbury native and was one of the top prospects in Minnesota for the 2010 recruiting class, behind Seantrel Henderson and Jimmy Gjere. The junior was in the mix to be starting or at least a major contributor at outside linebacker for this 2013 defense.

Beyond the questions about why he would feel compelled to steal, one has to wonder how in 2013 a 21 year old doesn't realize how easy it is to track something as widely used and popular as an iPhone. One also has to wonder why someone would risk their career and opportunity to play and compete on the Big Ten gridiron by stealing an iPhone. I'm not even going to go down the road of realizing that you are also eliminating your chance at an excellent and free education; I would imagine many 21 year old kids who are on scholarship to play football don't realize how valuable that can be.

This is unfortunate for the Gophers and it is a life-changing event for Edwards. I hope this serves as a wake-up call for the young man.