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Golden Nugz 06.27.13 - With a TDG Staff Announcement

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We have added a contributor! Many may know the legend of Elliot Mann who formerly contributed with Matt over at FBT. Elliot isn't quite ready to jump into the blogging with both feet, but he is going to join us with infrequent long-form posts discussing whatever tickles his fancy. Unlike the rest of us hacks, Elliot has some actual journalism training and experience. Moving from actually working at a newspaper at one point in his career to blogging out of his mom's basement is something he has always dreamed of (at least that is my assumption). He also has signed a waiver acknowledging that Adam Weber was not only the greatest Golden Gopher ever, but maybe the best QB the Big Ten has ever seen.

But seriously this is really a great addition to the site and all of us are very excited. Adding writers lightens the load of getting content out, but that is not what is behind this addition. This is about adding quality over quantity. Everybody say "Hi!" to Elliot, who goes by the handle, PuckettWept.

Back to you regularly schedule programming.

Today is Jon Christenson in 63 days until Gopher Football! Unfortunately I cannot find a pic of JC, instead I'll give you the backside of the Gopher OL!