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Monday Musings - Official TDG Shorthand Nickname For Coach Pitino?

Before, we had Tubby. What do we use now?


On the scale of important topics of the day, this ranks below many, many things (GoT anyone? UPDATE: Or all the FB news) but it is still much more important than whatever Amanda Bynes is up to (don't judge, the morning radio people have been prattling on about her when I drive to work and I know more about her doings than I should). That said, I think the time has come to broach this subject. Right now we've got Kill/Jerry/Jurry and Lucia/The Don. In the past we've had Tubby, Brew/Brewster/Captain Chili Hot, Mason, Monson, etc. But so far I don't think we've all rallied behind the best way to refer to our new basketball HC. So I'm wondering if we can come to a consensus on what Coach RIchard Pitino's shorthand name around the TDG corner of the interwebs should be. I'm also hoping this can be an orderly discussion and not like herding cats.

(Yes, I set that last sentence up just so I'd have an excuse to post this video. You're welcome.)

To help us maintain a sense of order I think there are a few ground rules we need to follow.

1) If Reusse used the name or a variation of it to mock Pitino, it's automatically out. If memory serves, that removes Little Richard, Richie Rich, and Richie from consideration.

2) Well...actually, I think that's probably the only ground rule. And it's not really even a ground rule. I prefer to think of it as a basic tenant of living a good and upstanding life. If you are calling a player or coach by a mocking name created by Pat Reusse then you should probably take a long hard look at yourself and whether you like the person you see in the mirror. Because I can guarantee any non rube sports loving friends you still have in your life sure don't.


1) Coach Pitino

- Pros: Accurate, descriptive.

- Cons: A shorthand name should be quick to type and preferably one word. Could confuse people who think we're talking about his dad.

2) Pitino

- Pros: Accurate and shorter. Fits the pattern most often followed in these cases.

- Cons: Feels informal and too short somehow. For whatever reason, my fingers like to screw up the i-t-i portion of the name when typing quickly. And again, confusion with his dad.

3) JR or Junior

- Pros: Super short

- Cons: Not accurate, sounds insulting, one of these refers to a TV show.

4) Coach P

- Pros: Short and easy to type. Could apply to his dad, but I can't think of the last time I heard him called that.

- Cons: Causes uncontrollable giggling among people too immature to handle hearing the letter P pronounced.

5) Rich or Richard

- Pros: Super short.

- Cons: Seems way too informal in a way that Jerry doesn't for Kill and what happens if the Gophers ever sign a kid named Rich/Richard?

6) II (Roman numerals, stands for 2)

- Pros: Has a Prince like quality that should appeal to the parochial nature of our fanbase. Super quick to type. Descriptive of his status as the 2nd of the Richard Pitinos. The photo above seems to suggest that the subject of our discussion would approve.

- Cons: Do I really need to list them?

This is what my insomniac brain came up with last night and I would not be surprised if you all could do better. So vote below, suggest your own idea, or tell me to stop forcing conformity on you.