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#AskTDG Hates Iowa Regardless of The Spelling

You asked, we answered (albeit a little slowly).

So about getting these responses up on Friday...Yea, that's my fault. JDMill had his answers all ready to go for me and then (BOOM) real life got in the way. Sorry about that!


(ED NOTE: In case you're confused, that's you the reader saying you don't accept my apology followed by a sad trombone.)

Anyway, let's get to some semi-intelligent responses.

What does I.O.W.A. stand for?



Seriously, I have no idea.

JDMill: I'm aware of two possible answers to this. Idiot On Wheels Ahead -or- I Owe the World an Apology

What do you think RaShede Hagemans stat line will look like by year end?


JDMill: Great question. Shede had 7.5 tackles for loss last season and 6 of those came from sacks. It's no secret our D-Line was great against the pass and horrible against the run. My assumption is that Shede will have an increased number of sacks this season because Wilhite won't be beating him to the QB from the other side.

I also really hope to see his tackles for loss NOT from sacks hit double-digits. The guy is a beast and he should be able to fit off of run blocks to get into the backfield to get to RB's. I'd love to see 20 TFL half of those coming from sacks.

Who is the laziest TDG writer?


GoAUpher: Given that this post is going up 3 days late I think I'm required to list myself.

JDMill Jeffrick: GopherNation? (ED NOTE: Well, he doesn't like to read anyone else's stories...)

Favorite style of BBQ? I’m in North Carolina for work and that style is growing on me.


JDMill: For ribs, I prefer them dry, which is generally associated with Tennessee or Memphis specifically, so I can taste the meat and the smoke and spices. There aren't many things I like better than a perfectly smoked rack of ribs with a nice rub, served naked.

From a sauce standpoint, I like more of a Kansas City style: a sweet,heavier, tomato-based sauce. When I smoke a pork butt at home, this is the kind of sauce I prefer to bix with it.

Carolina BBQ is a bit of a different experience because of the vinegar base of most of the sauces. If I recall, the Carolinas tend to really favor pork as well. The nice thing about getting a plate of chopped pork in the Carolinas is that the sauce tends to be thinner, so it doesn't neccesarily overwhelm the meat. I don't usually tend to prefer vinegar based sauces (from the standpoint of how they taste on their own, for example, dipping jo-joes in them), but there is something intriguing about how a vinegar based sauce dances with the right mix of sweet & spicy rub.

GoAUpher: I'm not a rib expert. So I try to live by the rules instilled in me by BBQ afficiandos like Andy Staples, namely, you shouldn't need sauce to enjoy good BBQ and baby back ribs are not the good kind. A personal aside is that good BBQ means the meat falls off the rib. Style is unimportant to me which is why I've never really bothered to learn them. If you make it so sauce becomes a condiment not a requirement and I don't have to gnaw a bone to get the meat I paid for them I'm going to be happy.

Jeffrick: Anything with meat and sauce. Wait...

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?


GoAUpher: An African or European swallow?

JDMill: 24 miles/hour.


(ED NOTE: Obligatory GIF.)

Why is English such a horrible language?


JDMill: I don't no. They're has to be someone that nos.



What are the Gophers odds of winning the Legend division?


JDMill: I'm fond of chanelling Chuck Klosterman for questions like this and saying that the odds of ANYTHING happening are always exactly 50/50... it will either happen or it won't.

But I know statsy folks like Matt would have my lunch.
I'd give the Gophers a 0% chance of winning the division. Michigan & Nebraska, along with an improved Northwestern, are just going to win too many games for us to overcome.

Having said that, at this point, I'm not really concerned about winning the division, I'm more concerned with seeing improvement. Getting to 7 or 8 wins would be a big accomplishment for this team, but it wouldn't even put them in the discussion for a division title

GoAUpher: I'm not statsy so I'll stick with tradition and go with a GIF response.


I know that's flippant, but if the Gophers win the division I'll be the best kind of shocked (Dear Jobu: if you make it so I can be that kind of shocked there will be lots of good rum and cigars offered). I have to agree with JDMill and say I'm more focused on whether the Gophers can improve to a 7 win team while improving their performance in losses.

You don’t have enough Maryland I posts.


Jeffrick: Can I rec your question for the Maryland I mention?

JDMill: Well, that's just like, your opinion, man.


Jenn Aniston: Towards the end of Friends or in Horrible Bosses, which do you prefer?

Fuzzy Rumpton

JDMill: "Horrible Bosses" Jenn Aniston in an absolute landslide because... well... naughty.

GoAUpher: Never seen Horrible Bosses, but I hated Aniston's "Friends" hair most of the time and JDMill's answer makes a convincing case for why Horrible Bosses would win without that. So Horrible Bosses it is.

What do you think of the Job that Leerfield/KFAN are doing on Gopher football?


JDMill: Mike Grimm is a huge improvement over Dave Lee from a play-by-play standpoint, and I'm really glad that they kept Darrell Thompson in the booth because his commentary is pretty legit.

From a KFAN standpoint, the nice thing about Gopher sports broadcasts being on the station is that now KFAN personalities actually talk about the Gophers now and then. The problem, however, is that it's still lacking in the depth department, and usually when they do talk about the Gophers it's the typical Twin Cities media negativity because why would they bother trying to actually pay attention and give an original take?

GoAUpher: I don't get to hear a lot of the KFAN coverage given that I'm usually A) watching games in person or B) listening to the TV play by play (I hate synching TV and radio feeds). But the limited amount I have listened combined with the opinions of folks like gopherguy05 (who will sometimes listen while we're at the it when he does b/c we know about injuries before anyone around us) the KFAN coverage is worlds better in terms of quality.