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The Daily Gopher Mailbag - Calling All Questions

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You ask, we answer.


Time to listen to Ian Howe and get your questions in for this week's mailbag. Otherwise he'll chase you around the world in the hopes that you'll give up the clues he needs to find the national championships that Bernie Bierman hid up in Lake Itasca all those years ago.

But maybe you've forgotten how this whole thing works. Have no fear!

There are three ways to contact the The Daily Gopher staff with your questions. You can post them in the comments of the "Calling All Questions" post on Monday, you can tweet them at us on Twitter using the hashtag #AskTDG (please use it because then we can search on it and everything becomes easier) or you can email them to DailyGopher (at) If you email it to us we'll use your first name unless you request otherwise, for Twitter/comments we'll use your respective handle or moniker.

That's it. No secret handshake or anything (still waiting...). So without further ado, ask away!