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Minnesota Gopher Football - The Brock Vereen Show Live From B1G Media Days

Brock Vereen (@brockvereen21) does a quick interview segment with Ra'Shede Hageman (@Rashedehageman), Donnell Kirkwood (@TonkaToy_20), and Coach Kill at the Big Ten Media Days.

Hey Brock, USA Today thinks you're a running back.
Hey Brock, USA Today thinks you're a running back.

Good on you Gopher Football social media people, handing Brock Vereen a microphone and letting him go because he is a funny guy (seriously, follow him on Twitter folks - you won't be disappointed). I for one would like to see more episodes of the Brock Vereen Show and hope it becomes a recurring feature in the preseason. Before I hype it any further...

In chronological order, here are the things I love about this video:

-0:07: "I'm here with the man, Ra'Shede Hageman, who thinks he's cute." Setting the tone early. I LIKE IT!

- 0:10: "...the little bowling ball himself..." YAIS!

- 0:13: Coach Kill's entire wardrobe. The glasses, the suit, the tie...quality outfit all around.

- 0:29: Brock's reaction as Ra'Shede plays it cool.

- 0:45: "Chicago's a great city but it's not the Twin Cities, I will tell you that." THIS FLATTERY IS RELEVANT TO MY INTERESTS AND GIVES ME AN INFLATED SENSE OF SELF WORTH SO FEEL FREE TO OFFER ME MORE.

- 1:00: Coach Kill's wise selection of the Cubs as the team he watched play when in Chicago. #SOUTHSIDESUX

- 1:09: "But again, the Twin Cities are the best." MORE EGO STROKING IS PLEASING TO ME.

- 1:20: Donnell is having none of Vereen's nonsense. Also, his face at the 1:28 mark.

- 1:42: "...since I was the oldest..." As someone who uses "I'm the tallest" as a reason for everything, I whole heartedly endorse what Shede is doing here.

1:45: " comes with two bathrooms. (PAUSE) Two bathrooms." The pause and lean maneuver really sells that line. Love it, especially how Brock loses it a little.