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Minnesota Gopher Football - What About Fall Camp Excites You?

It's fall camp week folks. Seriously, football (albeit of the practice variety) is almost here!

Gopher Athletics

I don't know about you all, but this cold snap has me dying to watch college football. All weekend long I felt like I should be able to watch college football on TV while grilling outside. Or even better, drive up to TCF to do some tailgating. And while it's not fall and while we're still 31 days away from true FOOTBAWWWWW, we are very close to having legitimate football activities to talk about. That's right, fall camp starts on Friday (TGIF if I've ever seen it)!

As we approach this wonderful day in our sporting calendar I'd like to ask what excites you about fall camp starting? What excites me?

- Season tickets will be here soon!

- Real football stories about real football things.

- Preseason optimism is the best kind of optimism.

- The tailgate gear gets moved to a more accessible part of the garage.

- I look to see if there are any new pieces of Gopher gear I must have before the season starts.

I could come up with more but I don't want to take away from anything you might say.

What does the opening of Fall Camp mean to you?

Do you have any special rituals around this time of year?

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