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Golden Nugz 07.08.13 - Zac Epping till Gopher Football 2013

Zac Epping paving the way for MarQueis Gray
Zac Epping paving the way for MarQueis Gray
The Daily Gopher

4th of July has come and gone, summer is half over and football season is just around the corner. Just 52 days until Gopher Football kicks off the season on a balmy Thursday evening! Epping was certainly our most versatile offensive lineman in 2012 and arguably our best. Above you can see him paving the way for Gray against Western Michigan.

It has been a long while since there has been a Nugz (or a real story for that matter) so many of these links are accumulated from the last week. Maybe you have seen them, maybe you haven't and some have nothing to do with Gopher football.

There are three significant links below and then a whole bunch of others you can pick and choose from. I highly recommend reading the first three!

  • I'll lead with this B1G story out of Maryland. Our very own SBN blog, Testudo Times actually broke the story of running back Wes Brown being arrested. What began as a FanPost, turned to some investigating by the guys at Testudo Times and resulted in them breaking the story that was then picked up by virtually everyone. They all linked back to TT of course, with the exception of ESPN because they break everything even when they don't.
  • Myron Medcalf got some time with Richard Pitino and has a lengthy article on the coach, the job and recruiting. Video interview is also available.
  • Jon Christensen took a trip to Bombay Beach, California to see the roots of Gopher safety, Cedric Thompson. In case you were unaware, Thompson is part of a documentary, Bombay Beach which is available on Netflix instant streaming.
The Rest

A YouTube highlight reel of the Gopher offense's 2012 highlights.