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Gopher Football: Meme Madness - THE FINALS ARE HERE!

It's time for the ultimate showdown, as Golden-I Is Invincible takes on Tim Brewster for TDG meme supremacy.

It's almost time for that One Shining Moment. Who will cut down the imaginary meme nets tomorrow night? Will it be the invincible golden GIF? Or will Tim Brewster finally prevail in a match-up that matters? Time to find out! A reminder, voting will be open until 9pm on Friday night.

#1 Seed - Golden-I Is Invincible!


Golden-I remained invincible through another round, but once again it was not a blowout as the animated wonder defeated I've Got A Fever 56% - 44%.

#2 Seed - Tim Brewster

To be honest, meme Tim Brewster is 100 times more successful than actual Tim Brewster ever was at Minnesota. Is it wrong to mention that this meme sort of has my chili hot? Tim overcame Dr. Evil's nefarious defense and defeated the cat loving meme 69% - 31%.


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