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Friday Nugz - 08.16.13 - Derrick Wells till Gopher Football


13 days till 2013 Gopher Football!  Less than 2 weeks my friends and we'll be under the TCF Bank Stadium lights running over the Running Rebels with Golden-I!

Derrick Wells will be one of our key defensive players and you may recall that he had a pretty good game at UNLV last year earning national Defensive Player of the Week honors for his 2 picks.

Let's get to some short Nugz...

Gopher Football

On to Hoops

  • Rashad Vaughn's master plan?  Prep school in 2013-14, college in 2014-15, NBA in 2015-16.  Vaughn continues to say that Minnesota has a chance.
  • Reid Travis is dropping football and other recruiting notes from Amelia.
  • This is a cool story with only a minimal Gopher relation.  Rick Pitino hired Mike Balado who nearly came to Minnesota with Richard.  But things sort of fell apart and he went from a small D1 assistant, to unemployed, to a D2 assistant making less than $20,000, to getting hired at Louisville for 10 times that.  Cool story and you should read it.

The Rest

Gopher Footbal Brick by Brick!

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