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Minnesota Football: 2013 Season - Five Bold Predictions For The Gophers

I step out on a limb and offer 5 predictions that are designed to make me look foolish later. Which is why I want to say now that I won't stand behind them when wrong. This is for fun people, FOR FUN.

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We on the TDG staff are in the process of compiling on our legit projections for how the Gophers 2013 season turns out in terms of wins and losses. But before we got to the real stuff, I thought I'd take a stab at 5 bold outcomes that are unlikely, but at least somewhat plausible if the right set of circumstances fall into place. Do I think all/most of these are going to happen? No. Are all of these super bold? No, but each represents a big enough step over the previous year's performance that they go beyond what I'd consider a reasonable expectation. And when I put on my super maroon tinted optimist glasses, I can convince myself that any of these are possible if all the right pieces fall into place.

1) Philip Nelson will be better than solid, completing 60% of his passes for 2250 yards while also limiting his INTs to 6. While not a 1st Team All-B1G performance by any means, Mankato Jesus goes into the offseason with some buzz as one of the better returning QB's in the B1G for 2014.

2) Donnell Kirkwood finishes the year with over 1250 yards and 12 TD's. Gopher fans breathe a sigh of relief as the 1,000 yard rusher streak is broken.

3) Derrick Wells finishes the season with 6 picks, one of which is returned for a TD. This is good enough to earn him a spot on the B1G 2nd team at the end of the year.

4) The Gophers win 8 games, with their 4 conference W's coming over Iowa, Indiana, Penn State, and Wisconsin. The team takes a ton of momentum and fan excitement into the bowl game, as the Axe stays in Minneapolis and the Gophers win 3 November games for the first time in...well...ever?

5) RaShede Hageman forces a safety by scaring a quarterback so much that he runs backwards 50 yards out the back of the end zone. That's right, just like in the Waterboy. Don't scoff, it's totally going to happen. My money is on the Western Illinois game.

But that's me and admittedly, I don't get enough oxygen at my height.

What would your bold predictions be?

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