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Minnesota Football: Injury Report - Berkley Edwards and Derrick Wells

Ok Jobu, this isn't funny. Time to step up.

So...yea...guessing I'm not the only one who was displeased to read the following on Twitter today:

First things first. Everyone get more cigars and rum ASAP. We need to get Jobu on our side before things get out of hand.

On a more serious note, we've got 2 varying degrees of bummer here. For Wells, it's not great news but the injury is also not major. Additionally, UNLV is a team we can beat without him and the ongoing nature of the problem means that the coaches have had time to gameplan what UNLV and beyond would look like without him.

Edwards' injury is a real disappointment for everyone who is excited to see him play, but the great news for him is that it really doesn't appear to be serious. I won't say this injury is a major blow to the Gophers offense because we honestly don't know what Edwards would have done for the Gophers playing right off the bat as a true frosh. I know that phrasing sounds ominous, so I should note that there is always a chance that the sprain is minor enough where he is able to return quickly. But my recollection of previous Gophers facing this type of high ankle sprain has me taking a more measured (pessimistic?) view of things. I'm prepared for Berkley to be out over a month at minimum. Even if that's true, I suspect the staff would play him once healthy if he was ready. And if not? A redshirt wouldn't be a terrible outcome out of all of this.

So yea, a definite bummer to see 2 players we're all excited for be impacted by injury before the season starts. But injuries or no, I'm still excited to see the Gophers taken down UNLV in 7 days!

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