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Minnesota Football: 2013 Schedule - What Games Would You Pick?

If you could only go to one home game and one away game this season, which games would you choose?


As a Gopher Football season ticket holder living 4 hours away from campus, I'm always forced to make hard choices about which games in Minneapolis I can make it up for each fall. Frankly, it's my least favorite part of the whole football season. I mean, if I had the time and money I'd be up for every game. I love watching the Gophers live, I love tailgating, I love college football season. So when I came across this Bucky's 5th Quarter "Schedule Pick 'Em" post, I had to copy it and make it my own.

The premise is simple. You have the ability to make it to one home game and one away game. There are no obstacles in terms of money, time, etc. However, you can only attend one of each type of game. Which games would you choose and why?


Team Date Time
UNLV 8/29 6:00
Western Illinois 9/14 11:00
San Jose State 9/21 11:00/2:30
Iowa 9/28 2:30
Nebraska 10/26 11:00/2:30
Penn State 11/9 11:00/2:30
Wisconsin 11/23 11:00/2:30

Lots of good options in this year's home slate. If you're a night game person, you have to consider UNLV. Iowa is a strong choice, as you have the rivalry and it's the best shot the Gophers have at picking up a home Big Ten victory. Nebraska is worth considering if you think the Gophers can pull of the upset, as they're likely the best team Minnesota faces at home. But for me, there is only one choice. Wisconsin. As I already noted, Iowa is the better bet if you want to see a rivalry win in person. But I would never forgive myself if I wasn't in TCF when the Gophers finally took back the Axe.


Team Date Time
New Mexico State 9/7 7:00
Michigan 10/5 2:30
Northwestern 10/19 11:00/2:30
Indiana 11/2 2:30
Michigan State 11/30 11:00/2:30

Based on venue alone, the best choice is clearly Michigan and the Big House. If you really love the American Southwest, then I suppose you could choose New Mexico State (no you couldn't). If you like tarps, Northwestern is the game for you. If your family Thanksgiving is in Michigan, then MSU might makes sense. But for me, the choice is again easy. Indiana.

Not as obvious a choice as Wisconsin is I know, but hear me out. First, I've already been to Michigan. While I do want to go again to see the Big House post renovation, I'm not dying to get there. Ryan field sucks and is closer to me than the U is. Michigan State's stadium has new scoreboards. That's it, that's the draw. But Indiana? First, the Big Ten seems hell bent on making sure we never play the Hoosiers, so who knows when I'll get another shot to visit? Second, I have buddies who went to IU and as such, I've been given a rundown of it's finer points. Essentially, I'm excited to go out on the town in general, but especially to play Sink the Biz at Nick's.

Not familiar with Sink the Biz? Short version: drinking game involving a bucket, juice glass, a lot of beer, and many (MANY) napkins where everyone gets super "happy" by the end of the night. (Full rules here, fair warning if you aren't a fan of douchey drunken boasting because the rules are stuck in the middle of such things. Also, video of what the game looks like.). Always loved getting my butt kicked in Biz here in Madison and decided I might as well take the show on the road. I figure if the Gophers win it will be a great way to celebrate and if they lose it will help me cope.

Those are my choices. What would yours be?

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