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Golden Nugz - Bronko Nagurski days til kickoff!


Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the actual week in which real live Gopher football will be played! Really looking forward to Gopher football, you guys. It's almost here! Hang in there bros.

The most famous Number 3 in Gopher Football history was worn by none other than a guy whose name adorns the Gopher football complex along with George Gibson, Bronco Nagurski.

Nagurski was Canadian born, like our very own Jeffrick, but unlike Jeffrick, Bronco spent his formative years on Minnesota soil. And on that Minnesota soil, behind a plow, is where Bronco Nagurski was discovered by Gopher Coach Fats Spears.

Nagurski's name now not only sits atop the Gopher football complex, but he is the namesake of the award given to the nation's top college defensive player each season.

On to the Nugz...

Last month, in previewing this season's non-conference games for Mountain West teams, Mountain West Connection took at look at the Gophers. They believe the key to our season is QB play, which I guess is true? I don't know about you guys, but I don't have much concern about Nelson. This is his team, there is no question about that, and I think he will play and lead accordingly.

Amelia broke from covering basketball and took some time to get to know Ra'Shede Hageman. Amelia did an outstanding job on this. I love a good football related redemption story and this has all of the good tear-jerking components. THIS, gentlemen, is the kind of article that you need to have your wives read if you're trying to get them to care about the Gophers. Or don't, whatever. I'm not here to tell you how to run your relationship.

Some interesting tidbits in this quick piece from Rand.

First of all, it appears Damien Wilson will be your opening night MLB starter, but Jack Lynn is going to get some work there too.

It appears the Olson brothers are pushing hard on the O-Line to start at LT & Center resectively, but it's not looking like they'll be starting opening night.

Lastly, Limegrover is making it sound like Donavahn Jones is your No.4 WR. It sort of seemed like a foregone conclusion that this kid was going to find his way onto the field this season, but for the O-coordinator to be talking about him being in the mix so early is pretty impressive. Jones must really be turning some heads in practice.

Gold & Gophers examines some former Gophers who are fighting for jobs in the NFL.

Uh, did #FullerTweets initiate #BackupQBGaze2013 on Sunday?

Jerry Kill continues to push ahead with his desire to educate people about epilepsy as he will be doing work with Athletes vs Epilepsy. Jerry Kill is a good dude.

Overlord Delany visited the Gophers last week and as far as I can tell Delany took this little tour just so everybody could give him presents which, if I understand overlords correctly is pretty much what they're supposed to do. So, to recap, if overlords are supposed to go around giving the minions an opportunity to give them presents, and if overlords are supposed to make boatloads of money for the minions, then Delany is just the bee's knees.

I miss the Harlem Shake, you guys.