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Game Week on TDG, What to Expect Here Throughout the Season

The Daily Gopher

Many of you have been coming to TDG for months or even years and you have a pretty good idea what to expect during the football season.  Many of you are active in the comments, participating and contributing to the community here.

But with increased traffic, that means there are many of you who were not with us last season.  So as we get into game week I want to give you all an idea of what to expect this season from the robust staff here at The Daily Gopher.  We have a solid and full staff of guys who are passionate about Gopher sports, bring very different perspectives to the site and if I don't like what they write I'll just edit it and tell them to write something about how awesome Adam Weber was/is.

Here are the recurring posts we are planning to produce throughout the football season before we revise our schedule for basketball/hockey.  Exact days of the week you can expect to see these is still being hammered out but this is what we are striving to produce for you on a weekly basis.

Golden Nugz - your daily source of all things Gophers.  This will usually go up daily in the morning so you don't have to bother going from site to site to site to read about your favorite team; it is all compiled and synthesized for you here.

The Monday Perspective - written by me and this is just a Monday Morning QB kind of post trying to set the tone for how we should view the win/loss from the previous Saturday.  It is often easy to get too high after a win or two and around here it is incredible how the sky is falling after a loss.  As always this is open for debate and this post kicks off the week with something to talk about.

Charts and Chalk - this will be a new addition to the weekly schedule this year and it will be written by Matt.  It will be a comprehensive and analytic review of  the previous weekend's game.  There will be charts and it will look at formations, key plays and other more technical stuff.  Matt gave us a preview of what is to come after the Gopher Spring Game.  This should be awesome.

Gnomes - The Gopher gnomes will be back and if you ask me this is the best conference recap post in the entire SBN network.  GoAUpher will give us a weekly roundoup of what happened and what is being talked about around the Big Ten (particularly the other B1G SBN blogs).  This is always a treat and very creative (and also very time consuming).  Expect this to show up on the cover mid-week.

Sunny Side - Another new weekly post from a season ticket holder sitting on the sunny side of The Bank.  Jeffrick and JD got themselves some season tickets this year and they are on the visitor sideline.  Matt and I are always staying cool (or warm depending on the time of year) in the pressbox seeing things from the Gopher sideline, Jeffrick will give us his perspective from the Sunny Side.  What he'll talk about is up in the air but I'll edit it anyway.

Opponent Q&As - JDMill will contact someone else who covers the weekly opponent to get their thoughts on the upcoming game.

Models and Bottles - For those of you who followed Matt over at FBT know that this is.  He will use his statistical modeling and his love of beer (maybe bourbon too?) to give us a preview of whoever is next on the Gopher's schedule.

GoAUpher's Preview - I'm not aware of a fancy name for this on yet but GoAUpher will also take a crack at previewing the upcoming game.  I'm assuming this will be more anecdotal than statistical and it will probably involve Rex Burkhead's mom.

GameDay Essentials - This will probably run on Friday and is a just the facts ma'am post on times/TV/and other essentials you'll need to be ready for Saturday's game.  You may be familiar with the thoroughness of GoAUpher's Nugz...this should be similarly overwhelming comprehensive.

Mailbag - GoAUpher is striving to post this weekly and it will probably go up on Friday later in the afternoon.  So keep the questions coming.

Scroll of the Sworn - when recruits commit, we'll have the details.  This will not be a weekly recurring post but when recruiting news breaks, we'll be there.

And then we get to gameday where we'll also have you covered more tightly than the Gopher secondary (which may be the best secondary in the Big Ten according to Brock Vereen).

Open Thread - this is where you can come to talk about the game.  This is always active and vibrant (especially for away games when people are watching the game with their laptops handy).  Comments are updated live and if you are unable to watch the game you'll get updates and reaction in one place.

Post Game Thoughts - Matt will give you his quick thoughts following every game.  This is another holdover from FBT and should be a good place to vent/celebrate following each and every Gopher game home and away.

Post Game Recap - I'll throw together a more traditional style recap that will usually follow the post-game press conferences.

TDG GameDay Pics - for all home games I will usually spend the first half down on the field taking amateur photographs of the game.  I try to capture more than just the game action, but also the atmosphere and fan involvement (i.e. Goldy and cute cheerleaders).  For the record I do not know what I'm doing but this is a fun thing for me and occasionally I get lucky with a few quality shots.

And of course when anything else exciting comes up, we'll post about that too.  Recruiting news, injury news, players writing a thesis as they are dismissed from the team, partying with opposing player's mothers, bowl outlooks and who hates Iowa?  We'll be here for that stuff too.  But above is what we are striving for and what you can expect from us.  Should be an awesome season!