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Top 5 Things Overheard on a Gopher Football Thursday night

Here is a sampling of some of the fun things I heard from those around me on Thursday night.


In an effort to explore the Gopher football gameday experience... oh forget it, this is just for fun. We'll try to do this every week.

Here are the Top 5 things that were overheard on Thursday night before/during/after the Gopher football game.

1. From the gentleman sitting behind me, to absolutely nobody in particular, in a monotone voice at an even volume, mid-3rd Quarter, as the Gophers were deep in their own territory: "Phil... [pause] Phil... [pause] Run the ball, man. They ain't keyin' on you."

2. Presented by GN. Further comment not necessary. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Sid: &quot;You&#39;ve got Jones in the book?&quot; Gopher Ath Comm Guy: &quot;Marcus Jones? Yes.&quot; Sid: &quot;Never heard of him.&quot;</p>&mdash; The Daily Gopher (@TheDailyGopher) <a href="">August 30, 2013</a></blockquote>

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3. While enjoying a brewskie at the East River Flats tailgate, GN, Jeffrick & I were called over to another tailgate to enjoy some Jell-O shots. As we began BS'ing with a few of the guys attending said tailgate we began discussing the blog, which lead to this (paraphrased)... "!?! That's awesome, I read that blog all the time."

4. In the 2nd Quarter the gal sitting next to Jeffrick gave us the ol' "excuse me" as she headed to get some beers for her and her husband. As she walked down the stairs, her husband staring at her as she walked, he turned to us and said very matter-of-factly... "Hey... she's pretty nice to watch walk away."

5. Another group, sitting near us, included an older gentleman who likely had never been to a Gopher football game. After the Hageman block resulting in the return-TD by Shabazz, this particular gentleman was a bit perplexed by Goldy. "Why is that chipmunk doing push-ups? And where the hell IS he?"

So what did YOU hear during your Gopher football experience on Thursday night. Share with the community in the comments section.