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Minnesota Football: Listen Up Gopher Football Fans! Donnell Kirkwood Has A Vision.

Donnell, this is a terrific idea you've put forth and I'm 100% behind it.



A simple yet awesome plan.

Here is why I love this idea:

- It's not being force-fed by a marketing person. It's a grass-roots effort from a Gopher player!

- It's simple.

- Jerry Kill's last name is awesome and this celebrates that fact.

However, there are some potential snags:

- We have an older fanbase any many members of it don't know what Twitter is or how to use it. Thus, widespread knowledge of the plan could be a problem.

- The cadence of the chant is important for it to have maximum effect and large groups of Minnesotans often suck at rhythmic things done in unison.

- Someone somewhere will object to it because of the appearance that it promotes violence towards our opponent (or something along those lines). #funhatingsucks

Regardless, it is still an awesome idea and hats off to Donnell for suggesting it! I for one will join this Gopher fan in chanting it from afar this weekend:


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