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Minnesota Football: GIF Reaction to UNLV Victory Reactions

This my response to anyone freaking out over the Gophers winning a game by 28 points while scoring 51.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

I've been mostly out of pocket since Wednesday afternoon as I've been on the road in DC/rural Virginia for a wedding. And apparently this part of rural VA had even less stellar cellular data coverage than anticipated.  So it's only now in the airport on the way home that I'm catching up on the full range of reactions to the Gopher victory over UNLV.

And I have to say, some of the responses I've read around the Gopher webs are just comical. I did not realize that a 28 point victory was a bad thing. No one would suggest the Gophers were perfect or close to it, but this was still a solid win over an inferior team. For anyone still showing more than the normal "there are mistakes that need correcting and if they aren't corrected we're going to struggle come B1G season" type concern I have a simple GIF message for you:



That right there? That was an example of when it might make sense to overreact.