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The Daily Gopher Wants To Make a Difference for the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota

Leon Halip

Coach Jerry Kill leads the Gopher Football team and he also leads a life of uncertainty due to his continuous battle with epilepsy. This affliction of his has become incredibly public due not only to the public nature of his job but also due to the fact that he has unfortunately suffered 4 seizures on game-day in his 28-game career as the Gopher's head coach.

I'd like to see what we as a community can do to help raise awareness and more importantly to raise funds to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

The most recent seizure sparked a frenzy of published reports with "informed" opinions on what direction the University should go and what was best for the health of Coach Kill. I'd like to get away from such nonsense and instead see what we as a community can do to help raise awareness and more importantly to raise funds to support the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

In light of these media columns the Epilepsy Foundation of MN felt the need to post this page in response to much of the publicity that was painting epilepsy in such a negative light.


So how can we make a difference? What are we going to do?

We are going to encourage you to donate to the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota. All proceeds you donate will go directly to the organization.

The Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota (EFMN) is committed to helping people with seizures realize their full potential. By developing programs that educate, connect and empower individuals and communities, partnering with world class Level 4 Epilepsy Centers and other non-profits. EFMN is making a difference in the lives of thousands of Minnesotans and North Dakotans every year.

By supporting the Foundation today you can be part of the process of educating others, connecting individuals/families and empowering communities. Your support can impact people for a lifetime.

The University of Minnesota and the Epilepsy Foundation of MN (EFMN) have partnered to host the Go-Pher Epilepsy Awareness Game on October 26th against Nebraska. So between now and the 10/26 Nebraska game you are encouraged to go to the EFMN website and donate in honor of Coach Kill.


(but before you do please follow the specific instructions below)


In order for us to track donations that are given to this foundation through The Daily Gopher please follow these simple instructions when donating.

1. After you fill in your information and BEFORE you enter credit card info...check the box that says, "Yes, this is an honor or memorial gift"


2. After you check that particular box, more boxes will appear and in the first one please type, "Jerry Kill - The Daily Gopher". If we all do this, then it will all be grouped together in the EFMN system.


That is it, then you obviously have to fill in the other pertinent information and submit your donation.

In case you missed the Donate button above, here it is again.


C'Mon TDGers, time to step up and make a difference. We can talk about Coach Kill's seizures, we can hammer traditional media who are ill-informed and we can choose to ignore the whole thing focusing on Gopher wins and losses. OR we can choose to help the cause and try to make a difference as a community.