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Minnesota Hockey: Gophers Face Boston College In Inaugural Big Ten vs. Hockey East Challenge

The OUR CONFERENCE IS BETTER THAN YOUR CONFERENCE showdown has officially moved to the ice.


Did anyone else know there was a possibility of this being a thing? Because I didn't know that it might be a thing.

Minnesota's nonconference series against Boston College on Oct.25 and Oct. 27 at Mariucci Arena will be part of the inaugural Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge, the two conferences announced this morning in a joint release.

Eleven different institutions will participate in 13 designated games to be played between October 18-27, with six games in Hockey East arenas on the first weekend, followed by six games in Big Ten arenas and a single game on neutral ice on the second weekend.


A Big Ten/Hockey East Challenge Cup will be presented to the conference that records the most points from the 13 games. Points will be awarded as follows: two points for a win, one point for a tie and a bonus point for a road win. Should a Big Ten school utilize a shootout in any of its home games, it will not factor into the result. Should each conference record the same number of points, the results of the Penn State - Vermont game, played on neutral ice, will serve as the tie-breaker.


- Seriously, I had no idea this was a possible thing.

- Penn State is the B1G's tiebreaker? Um........

- In case you weren't paying attention (cough, GopherNation, cough) the games against BC were already scheduled. They've simply been added to the Challenge instead of being regular old hate fests vs. BC.

- If I hear anything about Iowa or Indiana trying to claim pride off of a B1G victory in this challenge, I'm going to get Erik T worked up into a angry tornado and set him loose in each state to wreak havoc. Erik, I don't think you have any choice in this matter.

- There had better not be a lame trophy created for this.

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