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The Daily Gopher Hangout - Favorite Gophers Special Teams Plays, The Tim Brewster Fear Scale, and Comments To Upset PETA

Do you enjoy seeing GoAUpher's face in your YouTube videos? No? Well too bad, because he couldn't figure out how to set the Hangout up to alternate whose head was the biggest.

A quick rundown of what you'll get on this edition of The Daily Gopher Hangout:

  • MOAR bourbon and beer discussion
  • A conversation about our most (and least) favorite Gopher Football special teams moments
  • What areas we most want to see the team improve on for the NMSU game
  • On a scale of 1 Brewster flat on his face to 5 Brewsters flat on their face, how scared are we of New Mexico State (1 being not scared, 5 being very scared)
  • Why GoAUpher is not in favor of elimination Brew references on TDG
  • Ghost peppers and the NMSU pepper institute
  • A quick plug for a TDG Tailgate before the Iowa game
  • Other stuff that I know I'm forgetting which is why you need to watch this thing ASAP!

A special thanks to Nick Stelzner (@B1Gfootballdude) for joining JD, Matt, and I on tonight's Hangout. Be sure to check out his articles on Gold and Gopher.