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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers at Michigan State - TV Schedule, Odds, Online Streaming and Other Info

Key details, GIFs, and #TAKES for Minnesota's road test this Saturday in East Lansing.

Gregory Shamus


Opponent: Michigan State Spartans

When and Where: Sat, Jan 11th; 1:15 PM CST; Breslin Center; East Lansing, MI



Radio: ESPN 1500. You can also listen to the game via the ESPN1500 app for your mobile device.

Internet: BTN2Go for your computer or mobile device.

Line: UPDATE FRIDAY 7PM - Line is currently has MSU favored by 11. As of when this was written (currently 9:15pm on Thursday) the lines for Saturday weren't posted. I'll update this when they're up (if it's not done yet and you see them tell me in the comments). Suffice to say though that I wouldn't bet the Gophers to win this one.


Enemy Blog: The Only Colors (@TheOnlyColors)

This Season

14-1 (3-0). In a shocking twist that blew the minds of the sporting community...


...Michigan State is good (yet again)!


The Spartans are coming off a 3 point home win against Ohio State (kind of a big deal). Their lone loss was to a North Carolina team that I can't figure out, but UNC beat Kentucky and is no slouch so that's hardly a bad loss. If you're a KenPom guy, there's nothing to like there either. This team is near the top of the country in offensive and defensive (especially defensive) efficiency as well as offensive and defensive eFG%. They're in the top 75 in turnovers, which isn't nearly bad enough for me to think they'll go all FSU against Minnesota. Oh, and they shoot the 3 ball well. The only thing they suck at is getting points off free throws. Personally, I'd prefer they had a horrid defense.




It's so beautiful!

2) No one expects the Gophers to win this game. I mean, I'm not sure what everyone else has been watching but clearly the Gophers are due. (Totally true and utterly irrelevant).

3) If the Gophers win this one I run barefoot around my house in celebration. Seriously. I'm not kidding. It'll suck but the glow from the win will keep me warm. I'll make my wife take a photo and I will post it here on TDG. I'll even put my Zubaz shorts on first.