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Minnesota Hockey: Gophers at Penn State - The "Whole B1G Is Out Of Order!" OPEN THREAD

You're out of order! You're out of order! The whole Big Ten is out of order! They're out of order! That man, that sick, crazy, depraved man, ignored and trashed that tradition there, and he'd like to do it again! He *told* me so! It's just a show! It's a show! It's "Let's Make A Deal"! "Let's Make A Deal"! Hey Jim, you wanna "Make A Deal"? I got an insane commissioner who likes to sell of tradition for buckets of money! Whaddya wanna gimme Frank, and Indiana hockey team?

Gopher Athletics


Ok, ok...I think I've fulfilled my "overly sensitive Gopher fan" role for the moment. Monday hockey is weird, but it's still hockey and thus is meant to be enjoyed. Here's a quick reminder about the details before tonight's game.


Opponent: Penn State Nittany Lions

When and Where: Monday, Jan 13th; 6PM CST; Pegula Ice Arena; University Park, PA



Radio: ESPN 1500, both nights. You can also listen to the game via the ESPN1500 app for your mobile device.

Internet: BTN2Go for your computer or mobile device.


Enemy Blog: Black Shoe Diaries (@BSDtweet)

I'm just finishing up at the office and probably won't be commenting much. I'll try to join later if I can. Hopefully the Gophers got the nonsense out of their system and they play like a #1 team playing Penn State tonight.