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Minnesota Basketball: Gophers vs. Ohio State - TV Schedule, Odds, Online Streaming and Other Info

All the details for this Thursday night's game at The Barn.

Ryan Young


Opponent: Ohio State Buckeyes

When and Where: Thurs, Jan 16th; 8 PM CST; Williams Arena, Minneapolis, MN



Radio: ESPN 1500. You can also listen to the game via the ESPN1500 app for your mobile device.

Internet: ESPN3/WatchESPN for your computer or mobile device.

Line: No line yet. Should come out at some point tomorrow (probably afternoon). Will update when it's available, but as always please toss it into the comments if you see if first.


Enemy Blog: Land Grant Holy Land (@Landgrant33)

This Season

15-2 (2-2). The Gophers are tied with the Buckeyes for 5th in the B1G right now. Which just feels odd to type.

The Buckeyes have had a good first half of the season overall. They are currently ranked 9th in the Coaches and 11th in the AP. Their two losses are not anything to be ashamed of, falling to Michigan State in overtime in East Lansing and to Iowa at home. The home loss to Iowa has to sting a little, but someone at the top of the table was going to lose to Iowa at home (they're good, which is still weird) and Ohio State was the lucky team.


1) So, about that defense. Ohio State is a lock down defensive team. KenPom has them ranked #1 in the country in defensive efficiency. Teams aren't shooting well against them and they force turnovers. Totally a team I like the Gophers to upset...


2) I really want to see how an Aaron Craft game gets called. I haven't paid a lot of attention to Ohio State yet this year, so I don't have a good idea about how His Royal Handcheckness is faring under the new points of emphasis from the officials. With luck, this will be a game where he takes himself out early with ticky tack nonsense.

3) No one expects the Gophers to win this game. That's right folks, we're still in that stretch of "no one gives Minnesota a chance" games. So sit back, relax, grab a bourbon, and enjoy a Gopher game on The Deuce.