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Gopher Hockey: The Daily Gopher Adds a Hockey Writer

You guys may have noticed a couple of things.  One, we don't really have a dedicated hockey writer this year.  Two, there was some guy putting together some outstanding content and publishing in the FanPost section.

Unfortunately, Jeffrick did not feel he could adequately cover hockey this year due to life sometimes being more important than blogging.  He is still with us, but as you can possibly imagine sometimes it gets rather difficult to balance families, work, life and blogging on a consistent basis.  This meant that Gopher hockey coverage was reduced to reposting articles written elsewhere within the SBN network.

But then Dark516Knight started posting in the FanPosts and his quality content caught everyone's eye.  Even commentors have been clammoring for us to "get him on the payroll."  Well, the negotiations were already in the works and I am pleased to announce that the TDG staff has grown by one and we have a dedicated hockey guy.  Dark516Knigth (DK from now if you don't mind) is more than just a hockey guy, he likes football too; but for now he will be filling that gap.

DK is from Mankato and is old enough to have been a fan when the MSU Mavericks were DII, but he was also a passionate Gopher fan.  When they made the transition to DI, DK remained faithful to the maroon and gold when the city turned their back on the Gophers to support their local club.  DK then eventually went to school a UND (yes, North Dakota).  Did he alter his allegiance out of convenience or fear for his well-being?  No, he would proudly where his Gopher garb around Grand Forks.  Eventually he moved to the Twin Cities and no longer has to put his life in jeopardy to support the Pride on Ice.  A passionate fan, a dedicated fan and a guy who knows his hockey.  He'll be a perfect fit here and we are thrilled to have him.

So say hi to DK and welcome to the TDG family.