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Minnesota Basketball: Golden Nugz - 01.16.14 - Jeff Jones Gopher Basketball

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Lot of stuff we could get to today, I'll go with a couple main themes.

Football Recruiting

Gopher Basketball

  • Richard Pitino Blog is back online with some brief thoughts on each of the first three Big Ten games.  The common theme I saw in his criticisms all seemed to be around shot selection at critical times or at the very least poor offensive decisions.  What was bad, according to Coach Pitino?  Michigan: "Shot Selection!"  Purdue: "We used poor clock management when we had the lead."  This was a couple of very quick threes that lead to fast-break points for Purdue.  Michigan State: "Offensively we got away from throwing the ball inside. These mistakes will catch up to you against an opponent like Michigan State."  I read that as we took some ill-advised threes rather than get the ball inside.  Three-point shots are great, but getting them from inside-out or from the context of the offense rather than a quick one is MUCH better.
  • The Only Colors (Mich St's SBN blog) breaks down each team's chances of winning the Big Ten.  The Gopher's average wins in his simulations are somewhere in the 8 or 9 range; right where we need to be.
  • (from last week) BT Powerhouse profiles Deandre Mathieu and his quick impact on the Gophers.

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