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Minnesota Dance Team: Gophers Win 5th Straight Pair Of National Titles

You know that dynasty word people like to throw around? This is what one of those looks like.

Gopher Athletics

I feel like someone made a song about the University of Minnesota Dance Team. You may have heard it before...


Oh, excuse me, I'm underselling this moment...


Pom and Jazz Champions five years in a row. Simply astounding. The University of Minnesota Dance team is a machine, a dynasty that just keeps on rolling. That sort of happens when you're able to do stuff like this:

Yea, they're good.

I think this YouTube is the routine they won the Jazz title with, but don't quote me on that.

Reactions From The Twittersphere

I really don't know what this one means but it sounds insane.

Seriously, we need some more celebration music.

What About Goldy And The Cheer Squads?

- Goldy: Goldy was robbed of another mascot national title by Aubie The Tiger. Personally I think that's just ESPN SEC bias coming though, but a strong 2nd place finish is still pretty good and all.

Also important? The continued dominance of Goldy over Bucky.


- Cheer Squads: Both cheer squads finished the year in the Top 10, with a pair of 7th place finishes.

Hats off to the UMDT, Goldy, and the Cheer Squads