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The Daily Gopher Adds A "Breaking News" Guy

Our march towards world domination continues with another addition to the Masthead.

Gopher Athletics

One thing that is really important to providing a quality site for you all is timely delivery of breaking news. GN and I sat down over the weekend to look at where we want the site to go and timely news delivery is an area we still think we can improve. Sometimes we're right on top of things (see: GN's piece on Phil Nelson's transfer) and other times the posts are delayed (Harbison's transfer) or missed entirely (more moments than I like to admit). That's what happens sometimes when you're not blogging as your full time gig, but that doesn't mean we don't want to improve our Gophers coverage as much as possible.

It's in that spirit that I'm pleased to announce Andy York (known to many of you as TDG member gopherguy05) as our "breaking news" guy. Ok, so that's not his official title and I'm sure he'll be writing more than just breaking news bits in his time here (just like the rest of us will still cover breaking news from time to time). But Andy does a great job of being plugged in to what's happening in the Gopher news world and his addition to the staff will give us more flexibility to keep you all up to speed on new stories for the Gophers.

Andy is a lifelong Minnesota sports fan, but especially Gopher sports.  He has been going to Gopher Hockey games since he was four back in the Old Mariucci and still has fond memories of Goldy's perch.  He has experience doing play by play of D-III sports (and even allowed a certain Zubaz minded individual to try his hand at color commentary way back when) and recently he started writing about Gopher Puck at Down With Goldy. Andy also has a mind full of useless facts and knowledge that will come in handy here at TDG. We're excited to have Andy on the team and if he plays his cards right, he too can have his work discounted on a local sports radio station sometime soon.

Let's all welcome Andy to the TDG #TAKES fraternity!