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The Daily Gopher Adds Yet Another Staff Member


Tis the season for The Daily Gopher to be adding staff.  We added Dark516Knight last week to assist with hockey and today we announced that GopherGuy05 to be our breaking news guy.  But we are not finished there.

We have also decided to add Ustreet to the staff to give another voice to our basketball coverage.

You have probably seen Ustreet being very active in the comment sections and he has been churning out some outstanding FanPosts.  I believe he is just the right addition to the staff to help us not only cover hoops with more frequency (quantity), but he knows his stuff and will bring a different perspective (other than just mine) to Gopher basketball.

Ustreet is a Minnesota native, University of Minnesota graduate and is part of a family of long-time season ticket holders.  He is currently not living in state, but there is a lifetime of passion for Gopher sports (not just basketball) here and it is going to come through here at TDG.  I'm very excited about this and be sure to welcome Ustreet to the growing masthead.

(I think we are done expanding, for now)