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Gopher Football: Recruit Watch Open Thread

Watching and waiting is making Gophers fans nervous....

So apparently there may or may not be some big recruiting news coming today.  Instead of putting it all into the Isiah Gentry SotS thread, I figured why not have an open thread for today's events.  First of all, we have the announcement that many are watching with excitement or dread:

Ragnow narrowed down his search to his three finalists, Arkansas, Florida State and Minnesota.  Many analysts are saying it is down to a two team race with Arkansas and the Gophers duking it out for Ragnow's commitment.  In the last 12-24 hours, the "steam" seems to be pulling more towards Ragnow choosing Arkansas. However, it obviously means nothing until Frank himself announces this afternoon. Remember the last time a highly-sought recruit announced his choice at his school, all the steam was pulling Reid Travis to Minnesota, and then he chose Stanford.

Another announcement this morning was that highly-sought running back recruit Jeff Jones would announce his school decision at 10:00 AM on Wednesday, National Signing Day.  His choice seems to be down to Minnesota and Iowa State as Michigan and Florida have seemed to have backed off as of late.

Its also possible the Gophers could see a few additional commitments today/this weekend as both Ohio WR Connor Krizancic and Alabama DB Christian Campbell still are or will be on campus on official visits.

So what say you Gopher fans?  Is Ragnow golden?  Does the legend/curse of Brett Bielema continue around this part even though he is no longer at Wisconsin?  Will we get another other commitment news before Wednesday?  lets hear what you think in the comments below.  If you can't follow the Ragnow announcement on the internet today, we will have coverage here when his decision is made.  Check back around 3:15 this afternoon.