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Gophers Seek B1G Win Hosting Purdue - OPEN THREAD

Marilyn Indahl-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of fringe NCAA teams looking for their first Big Ten win of the year.

Time: 1:30 CST
Radio: AM 1500 ESPN

Pos. Minnesota Golden Gophers Pnt/Gm Pnt/Gm Purdue Boilermakers Pos.
PG Deandre Mathieu 11.4 11.1 Ronnie Johnson PG
G Andre Hollins 15.9 13.9 Terone Johnson G
G Austin Hollins 12.6 4.8 Rapheal Davis F
F Oto Osenieks 6.9 6.6 Basil Smotherman F
F Elliott Eliason 6.1 8.8 A.J. Hammons C
Bench Malik Smith 9.9 7.2 Kendall Stephens Bench
Bench Joey King 7.3 9.1 Bryson Scott Bench
Bench Maurice Walker 5.5 4.9 Errick Peck Bench

Both of these teams get the bulk of their scoring out of their guards. It will be the battle of the Hollins bothers (not actually brothers) against the Johnson brothers (not actually brothers).

Efficiency Stats (national rank in parenthesis if significant)

Minnesota (38) Purdue (89)
Off PPP 1.131 (30) 1.074
Def PPP 0.977 1.004
Off TO% 16.9% 16.7%
Def TO% 20.6% 18.9%
Off Reb % 37.0% 37.3% (37)
Def Reb % 71.3% 66.5% (244)

This Purdue team has good size but you can see that they really do not rebound defensively. Like the Gophers, they struggle to get defensive rebounding out of PF (rank 290th in the country). Most of the other efficiency stats are fairly benign. Turnovers are about the same, yet an important stat for both teams. Both teams hit the offensive glass pretty well. The Gophers are a more efficient team both offensively and defensively but I expect that Purdue will still be difficult to score on in the half-court.

Keys to a Gopher Win

Offensive Rebounding -
Four of our last five games the Gophers have been above 40% in offensive rebound percentage. Facing a team that really hasn't been very good rebounding opponent misses. This is an area where we can gain a significant advantage.

Maroon_key_mediumControl Tempo - This is going to be one of the first tests to see the Pitino system matched-up against a traditional Big Ten team that is physical, plays a half-court game and is pretty good defensively. They are not Wisconsin in this regard (nobody is), but Matt Painter's teams are usually very physical and very good defensively. Can the Gophers, on their own court, control tempo and speed up Purdue a little bit?